Monday, August 1, 2011

SFIT Library Newsletter Vol 3 Issue 2

We are ready with one more issue of our library's newsletter...

These are some of the encouraging feedback comments we received for our current newsletter:
Bro. Melchior (Director - SFIT):
congrats to all of you at sfit library; as usual you are a trend-setter! the news letter is very, very infornative and intersting, to say the least; especially the opinion of the student is taken note of.

Prof. B.D. Gokhale (Faculty - ExTC Department)
Congratulations to all of you for bringing out such a nice Newsletter. Keep it up.

Dr. T.S. Rathore (HOD - ExTC Department)
Congratulations for doing a good job. Matter is very informative and figures/photographs are well placed. department wise List of new books is very helpful. Keep it up.

Ms. Sumitha C.H. (Faculty - CMPN Department)
This is the first time I am reading the library newsletter and proved quite useful also.
That is an interesting news letter, something we dont get to see everywhere. Institutions and departments make news letter, but not many libraries take the venture to publish a newsletter of their own. It has to be really appreciated, the effort , the motivation and the attitude of the people who made it.
The links to useful websites and online journals are really helpful to those who are new to the institution. It has to be really appreciated that a blog is also there for the library where people get to know about everything happening in the library. Quizzes would make it intersting for the students to explore the blog. The interview with a librarian was also interesting..
One suggestion I would like to make is that it would have been really helpful if some information about some of the main competitive exams are also included in the blog. ( like the date of the exams, main coaching centres, useful books etc.) ; especially if the most useful books are suggested, that would be warmly welcome by the students as they are often confused with which one they have to choose.
Also some information about higher education, like some colleges which are the best in some specialized areas etc.
Overall it is a really nice one.. a really helpful one. Thanks a lot for the support.

We (the library staff) thank all of you for your kind words and expect a continuous participation always!

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