Thursday, June 21, 2012

CPD23: Thing 9 - Evernote

Week 7
Thing 9: Evernote

I am in the process of downloading is taking a bit more time for download since my Internet connection is slow and besides the file size is also 48.5 MB.
More on this next time after I explore it!

Yes..I have finally downloaded Evernote..and started using it too..made entries for the to-do list. Also downloaded the Web Clipper..yet to use it.

- Chinmayee Bhange

CPD23: Thing 8 - Google Calendar

Week 6
Thing 8: Google Calendar

I have been using Google Calender off and on for the last 3+ years. I actually use it when I have to go on a vacation and still not forget my professional meetings. I am in the process of integrating the Google Calendar in my library blog to keep a record of all the library activities and events.

_ Chinmayee Bhange

CPD23: Thing 6 - Online Networks and Thing 7 - Real Life Networks

Week 5
Thing 6: Online Networks and Thing 7: Real-Life Networks

"Social Networking"...the term keeps popping in every now and then! And that's the essence of it..we cannot   do away with socializing - be it apparent or virtual. Networking enriches your growth, if practiced in a meaningful manner. In the olden times, we networked ( is equal to socialized) with our family and friends at festivals and get-togethers. However, it assumed a new meaning with the onset of online networks. The inherent meaning remains unchanged, although new dimensions creep in! Having said that, let me become a bit more professional:
LinkedIn: Yes, I am on LinkedIn.
Facebook: I and my library - both are on FB.
LISPN, LAT and CILIP: I am not a member of any of these groups but let me tell you about a few on this side of the World:

LIS-ForumA first of its kind in my knowledge in the series of online networks! Since 1995

NMLIS (New Millennium LIS Professionals):  Since 1999. Group owner: Dr. N. Laxman Rao. Post messages to:

MLOSC (Maharashtra Librarians Online Study Circle): An excellent initiative by Shri. Ajay Kamble (Annasaheb Vartak Arts, Commerce, Science College, Vasai Rd.) and Shri. Bhupendra Bansod (PVDT College of Education, SNDT University, Mumbai). Post messages to

LM_NET: Although intended primarily for school librarians, the give and take of information is a must visit. One of my favorites indeed!

Another great example is that of WikiEducator. WikiEducator has been conducting several online workshops for the benefit of those who wish to dive in the open learning environment. I have recently completed their EL4C53 workshop and attained the status of a proud Wiki Buddy.
I have currently enrolled for their OLC4Ed (Open Content Licensing for Educators) free workshop. Wikieducator gives us an opportunity to collaborate (network) with our workshop facilitators and co-learners from around the World and so I do not hesitate to include it in my list of Online Networks.

- Chinmayee Bhange

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CPD23: Thing 5 - Reflective Practice

Week 4 - CPD23
Thing 5: Reflective Practice

[Image Courtesy: Microsoft Office Image]
Took a long time for this Thing 5 on Reflective Practice. Well, I actually was honest and reflected eagerly on what I have learnt in the past 3 weeks.
Being in the field of Information Science needs that we acquaint ourselves with the right information at the nick of time. As such, I am thankful to CPD23 for making available this wonderful learning tool.
To start with, I already had a blog from April 2010, but being in CPD23, meant I kept our library blog updated to hook the potential information aspirants. And, let me confess, that is a tedious task. I am still working on it.
Secondly, although I had my personal Facebook page, I recently created one for the library to keep them updated about the new arrivals or the newspaper clippings. Twitter is yet to be explored!
The CPD23 impressed me a lot as it threw open an enormous list of blogs of my fellow librarians, most of which I regularly visit and would soon add on my Blogroll.
Once again, I am utmost grateful to Dr. Indira Koneru for listing the professional courses on her Wikieducator page, due to which I am a proud participant of CPD23!

- Chinmayee