Friday, May 25, 2012

CPD23: Thing 4 - Current Awareness - Twitter, RSS and Storify

Week 3 - CPD23
Thing 4: Current Awareness - Twitter, RSS and Storify

I know I am a bit behind schedule but I am sure to catch up in the next week.

As for the CPD23: Thing 4 on current awareness, as I had mentioned in my earlier post, I have maintained two separate accounts on Facebook – one is my personal and the other is SFIT Library. I am keener on keeping active my professional account – SFIT Library as it seems to be the order of the day. Unfortunately, I have been able to gather only 5 people. Just hope I will learn the marketing tactics through the CPD23 course as I proceed!

Twitter: To be unpleasantly honest, I am a bit apprehensive about setting up a Twitter account and giving the usual updates about “every happening thing” around me. All the same, I know this is just one side of the coin and so I would set up a Twitter account for SFIT Library in the following days.

RSS: I have been using Google FeedBurner on my library blog.

Storify: Yet to learn how to use it advertently. Actually I am not able to draw the thin line between Facebook and Storify for giving updates to my library users. I can might as well link to the news-article or clipping from the my facebook account.
Hence, need to look into Storify a bit more scrupulously!