Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CPD23: Thing 5 - Reflective Practice

Week 4 - CPD23
Thing 5: Reflective Practice

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Took a long time for this Thing 5 on Reflective Practice. Well, I actually was honest and reflected eagerly on what I have learnt in the past 3 weeks.
Being in the field of Information Science needs that we acquaint ourselves with the right information at the nick of time. As such, I am thankful to CPD23 for making available this wonderful learning tool.
To start with, I already had a blog from April 2010, but being in CPD23, meant I kept our library blog updated to hook the potential information aspirants. And, let me confess, that is a tedious task. I am still working on it.
Secondly, although I had my personal Facebook page, I recently created one for the library to keep them updated about the new arrivals or the newspaper clippings. Twitter is yet to be explored!
The CPD23 impressed me a lot as it threw open an enormous list of blogs of my fellow librarians, most of which I regularly visit and would soon add on my Blogroll.
Once again, I am utmost grateful to Dr. Indira Koneru for listing the professional courses on her Wikieducator page, due to which I am a proud participant of CPD23!

- Chinmayee