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March 20: World Story Telling Day

It's World Storytelling Day And We Give You Fun Ways To Enjoy Books

Mar 20, 2018, 08:37 IST | Trina Chaudhuri

On World Storytelling Day, Change The Way You Look At Books And Make Every Time, Story Time, With These Apps

 Listen on the go
The one thing that sets Mumbai apart from the rest of the country is its speed. And caught in that speed, it's very difficult to find some time for a good old storybook. But on World Storytelling Day, no excuse is going to be enough for all the stories that you don't read or listen to, at least not for the day. So, if getting hold of a paperback is difficult or reading from the Kindle not all that favourable while on your commute, here's a suitable and very affordable alternative — audio books. All it takes is for you to download the apps, and hit go. Headphones recommended, please.
Headquartered in Stockholm, the app operates in 14 countries, among which are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Russia, Spain, Poland and India. A subscription-based app, it allows you to download as many books as you want for a `499 monthly subscription. The first 14-day trial period is free. The best part about Storytel is that besides promoting audio versions of classics such as Mitro Marjani, The Tale of Two Cities and Pride and Prejudice, and those for children like Little Red Riding Hood and Adventures of Stoob, the app also focuses largely on literature in regional languages. For starters, it has now a number of titles across Hindi and Marathi, and a tie-up with publishing houses such as Rajkamal Prakashan, Vaani, Karadi Tales, Penguin, Duckbill Publishing and HarperCollins. 
Available: Android, iOS
Launched by Amazon, this is an app to look out for. Just like Amazon Prime, this one comes with a library of books that you can download and listen to anytime you want. There are basically two options available — you either use the app for free and buy the books you want to read, or you avail a month's free trial and then subscribe to a one-month, six-month or 12-month membership. With its collection that has over 1,80,000 audio titles to choose from, it seems unlikely that you will not find your favourite here. 
Available: Android, iOS
Specifically for purchases, this one works exactly how a library back in school used to. Only in this case, there's no overtime, regardless of how desperately you want to hold on to a book. This app allows you to buy an audio book, that will cost you one credit and a sum that's nearly around `800. But they also offer discounts on rentals, and sometimes these are offers too good to refuse. In that case, you can borrow a book at a discounted rate, and keep it for 30 days (to finish or re-listen). After your rental period is up, the book disappears.
Available: Android, iOS
Read stories, besides Kindle
Juggernaut Books
This app allows you to access more than 5,000 titles and 3,000 authors in English and Hindi, and read all that you can or love. It's an app that made digital publishing accessible for public consumption, and now with the app on your phone, click and read.
Available: Android, iOS
Pratham Books
Looking for a story that might keep your little ones occupied while you finish your work? Storyweaver by Pratham Books has made that possible. For kids who'd rather stay put with the phone than a paperback, its vast library across regional languages and genres teaches and entertains at the same time.
Available: Android, iOS
Source: Mid-Day dated 20 March, 2018


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