Monday, March 19, 2018

Infographic on Entrepreneurship Books

This is our first attempt at "Infographic" and it is beautifully curated by your library trainee - Ms. Ankita Tiwari (M.L.I.Sc. Student at SHPT School of Library Science, Churchgate, Mumbai).

SFIT LIRC has more than 70 books on Entrepreneurship - a few on its basics, some highlighting its financial section and many others on start-ups, their founders and their success stories. We had organized a display of all these books to complement PRAGATI 2018 which is an annual event of SFIT hosting an inter college innovation competition and startup talks for students.

We thought of creating this Infographic so that our students get to know exactly what genres are available and what is to be read...


Infographics are a better way of guiding people visually. There are many posters available for Infographic on Libraries. Libraries have so much of information to be shared but at many times if it is not presented in an attractive manner, our work and services offered by the libraries go unnoticed.


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