Monday, February 23, 2015



Over 2,000 engineering students with more than five ATKTs in their lower classes will lose a year as they will not be given admission to the final year in the current academic session. The faculty of technology of the University of Mumbai, in a meeting on Monday, recommended that these students be allowed to take admission in the final year only when they are eligible, that is, in the next year. These students will be allowed to take their exams in the old syllabus in the next academic year.

Engineering students had demanded that they should be admitted and allowed to appear for their final year exams before the end of the academic year. The affected students began their protest against the university norms in September. They were not allowed to appear for their seventh semester exams in October. The students were willing to appear for the seventh as well as eight semester exams together in May. Their demands were against the law, said registrar M A Khan.

Source: The Times of India dated 24/02/2015

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