Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now, use scratch cards for online learning

New Delhi. And you thought scratch cards can only win you television sets, gold coins and holiday vouchers!
Macmillan India imprint Full Marks has come out with a support website for students of class VI-XII mainly following NCERT books that can be accessed by using a scratch card.
The website can be accessed by students, teachers and parents who bought the Full Mark Series of books by registering using a unique access code - the Scratch Card Number - printed on the inside of the back cover.
The number can be viewed once a user scratches over the box marked for the purpose. After registration, one can login using a user name and password and access the website.
According to Full Marks, its website offers plenty of practice exercises and assignments different from the ones given in its books to build clarity and proficiency in the subject.
" marks our commitment to be a complete player in the education business. The website opens a world of possibilities for students. Access to over 24,000 questions for students appearing in entrance examinations like AIEEE, PMT and IIT-JEE makes their task easier and faster," says Macmillan Publishers India Ltd managing director Rajiv Beri.
According to him, the website is an attempt to provide complete tutorial support to students so that they can master the art of writing perfect answers to different types of questions given in their course books developed by NCERT.
"Taking advantage of the fact that the Internet is a knowledge resource and digital library, this website offers useful links for further references which might be of use to the students," says Beri.
Students can also ask questions to the authors to clarify a concept or seek solutions to problems and questions given in the textbooks.

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