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Mark Stories Created by Children on StoryWeaver

Mark Stories Created by Children on StoryWeaver

Did you know that it's now possible to mark your child's story as 'Created by Children' on StoryWeaver? And, you can add additional details like name, age, and so on. It was important for StoryWeaver to have this feature mainly for two reasons: to give due credit to young creators, and for our user community to be able to identify stories created by children.

Here's how you can mark stories created by children. It's easy-peasy.
  • After you create a story, hit the 'Publish' button and a form appears.
  • At the near-end of the form is a field to add details of the child. In cases where a story has been created by a group of children, it is possible to add details of more than one child.
  • Additionally, there is an open field in which you can add any other details which you feel may be relevant. For instance, if the story was created as part of a campaign, a class project, etc.

Once you publish the story, these details filled by you will appear on the last page of the book (as shown below). The thumbnail of the story will also be labelled as 'Created by Children'. Stories created by children can be easily found if searched under 'Created by Children' via the Publisher filter.

 If the child's story has already been published on StoryWeaver and you now want to mark it as a child's story - don't worry, it's not too late. All you've got to do is:
  • Go to your 'Profile' page.
  • Look under 'My Published Stories'.
  • Click on the story, press the 'Edit' button and re-publish it. While re-publishing it, the steps are the same as mentioned above in the previous section.
Here is an example of a child-created story.

If you have more questions, write to us at and we'll be happy to guide you through this process.

To read, translate and create stories for children in any language of your choice, log on to

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