Wednesday, September 9, 2015


(Contributed by Achilles Rasquinha, GS 2015-16)
WHEN:   September 5th, 2015
    In India, Teachers’ Day has always remained a day filled with celebrations and joy for teachers’ within all institutions, nation-wide. And so, St. Francis Institute of Technology’s newly elected Students’ Council left no stone unturned to make the day for their teachers, a memorable one.
        While the teaching and non-teaching members of the staff remained busy in their meets and discussions for the day, our student-volunteers ensured to pull them out of their busy schedules and gather them into groups, for a morning surprise awaited them. Teachers were then engaged in a healthy battle to bag as many chocolate bars they could, based on the questions put forward by our volunteers. We’ve ensured that volunteers leave no one behind, even teachers who reside in isolated rooms all alone, in order to join into the game filled with fun and frolic.
        While volunteers entertained our teachers upstairs, little did they know that an event organized was been given its final touches, downstairs. And so did it begin at 2:30 P.M, in the Assembly Hall. We believed to have lived with the theme of the event which ensures that each teaching and non-teaching member of the staff receives at least one chocolate for the day, if not many, which is why we had volunteers placed at the entrance with two baskets filled with toffies for our teachers to pick one as they took their seats.
        Prachi Kate, our newly elected Cultural Secretary introduced our guests for the event – our teachers. We had Lenryl Sequeira, a student of the third-year, perform beatboxing, a skill what he described to the audience gathered at large as, “a person who makes weird noises with his voice”. With beats echoing till the edge of the Assembly Hall, Lenryl sure did introduce a new form of art, unbeknown to all. He, along with Achilles Rasquinha, sang out some melodious hits as well. Next, we had a dance performance by Naithika Shetty, a student belonging to the third year, and her dance group of second-year students, providing yet another taste of art form and entertaining the audience gathered at large.
        Savvy Sequeira, the newly elected Sports Secretary introduced the highlight of the event – “SO YOU THINK YOU’RE AN SFITIAN”, an entirely enacted game show hosted by Achilles Rasquinha for 16 teachers, divided into teams of 4, contesting for an ultimate prize. Teachers rushed to catch their seats placed on the podium as soon as voluntary participation was declared. With rounds divided into as follows – LEVEL F.E., S.E., T.E. and B.E., teachers’ went through a set of questions related to simple observations around the campus, and “MINUTE TO WIN IT!” games in each level, wherein the objective was to score maximum number of points based on the task to be performed. Little did the audience know, that a day before the event, as the received their invites, was a number tagged below it. We used these numbers to pick out members from the audience, who then could try answering the questions flashed on the screen along with the contenders seated at the gaming arena and win a prize. With jokes, laughs and heat of the game filled within the Assembly Hall, our teachers ended up with smiles throughout the event. Akash Dhongade, the newly elected Technical Secretary ensured that the game goes smooth with his support, ranging from LIVE projections, to hospitality.
        With the game over, winners declared and snacks being served by our volunteers, Mitali Ghotgalkar, the newly elected Women’s Representative of the Students’ Council, gave out her message and thought with respect to the gifts for our teachers to be received. Each teacher was given a tulsi sapling, which denotes how they’ve come to help us students grow into a plants of holiness and strength. We had teachers thanking students for making their day, truly a memorable one.

All were merry.

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