Monday, May 7, 2012

CPD 23: Thing 1 - Blogs and Blogging

CPD23: Week 1

Thing 1 – Blogs and Blogging

The more I read about Librarians and the joy of “Librarianship” per se, the more I tend to glorify the need for reflective practice. So here goes me...
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I started my career in 2004 with St. Francis Institute of Technology, Mumbai after having done a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the coveted SHPT School of Library Science (SNDT Womens’University, Mumbai, Maharashtra – INDIA. My research interests include: Digital Preservation, Disaster Management in Libraries, Information Literacy and e-learning.

Thing 1 – I learnt about CPD23 from the Wiki Educator page of Dr. Indira Koneru – a very informed and tech-savvy librarian, I must admit!
I registered for the CPD23 online course in its second stint as I wish to learn how efficiently social media can be put to practice in academic libraries. I am happy since this is a self-paced course and as such does not pressurize me to meet the deadlines!
I already have a blog – SFIT Library Blog on which I blog fair enough and a Facebook presence too!  Off-late, I am working on implementing the e- submission of projects of B.E. students.

- Chinmayee Bhange

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