Friday, March 25, 2011

Overdue Fines

The Central Library at SFIT imposes fines on overdue items. These fines are designed to ensure prompt and timely return of library items and give everybody a reasonable chance to access the items. We do not want anybody to stop making use of the Library because of its fine structure. Please do not hesitate to come up to us if you have problems related to lost books and /or overdue books.
We have always encouraged the practice of informing us at your earliest in case of any matters pertaining to the library.
Nonetheless, the fine structure is given below:
Rupee 1/- per day for the first five days (inclusive of the due date stamped on the date slip)
Rupees 3/- per day for the next ten days
Rupees 10/- per day for the following days

Overdues amounting to more than rupees one hundred should be paid by a A/C Payee cheque drawn in favour of "St. Francis Institute of Technology" in "The Catholic Syrian Bank", Borivali (W), which is just opposite the institute and the deposit slip be submitted to the Library, against which your library cards will be released.
The above practice will be followed with effect from 25th March, 2011.

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